Going Organic to the Billionth Degree



General Mills, which in FY 2015 did some $675 million in annual sales of organic products, making it the U.S.’s third largest organic and natural food maker, is planning to double the amount of acreage from which it harvests the ingredients for its products of that type.

By 2019, New Food Magazine reported this week (on March 15), the company intends to be sourcing organic ingredients from some 250,000 acres.

That UK-based magazine quoted Jeff Harmening, the company’s executive VP and Chief Operating Officer for U.S. Retail, as saying they expect to achieve $1 billion in annual organic/natural products sales by 2019, a year earlier than previously predicted.

“We’re building strategic relationships directly with farmers for our products and are dedicated to working with growers to optimize production and quality, adopt standard practices and accelerate supply,” Harmening said.

The company’s growth in organic acreage is, New Food said, part of its “sizeable investments to meet growing consumer interest in natural and organic foods, which is expected to drive double-digit industry sales growth over the next five years.”

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