40-Seat Berlin Diner Draws 2000% Capacity For Opening Party


An opening party at a hip, 40-seat vegan eatery in Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood, was forced to a halt after a mere 20 minutes when police declared the crowd – already 300-strong inside the tiny place, with another 500 seeking to get in – was too large (ya think?), out of control, and causing public safety problems.

Dandy Diner, created by two popular fashion bloggers, has been heavily promoted on Facebook and other social media sites popular with the German capital’s rapidly growing hipster crowd. The Diner’s “strictly vegan” menu appeals to its target audience in the same way its once working-class, now gentrifying locale does.

The place is likely to be contradictorily unpopular with its older, often-Turkish-immigrant neighbors, not least because businesses of this sort and the young, wealthy, carefree people it attracts contribute to ever-higher rents. The latter, of course, causes many who moved to Neukölln because it was inexpensive, and relatively quiet, to no longer feel welcome there. And to even be unable, with the next rent increase, to be able to afford homes they’ve enjoyed for years.

The crowd attracted to that opening party “was so large that some were standing on the road on Karl-Marx-Strasse, one of Neukölln’s main streets, and others were crowding into the island in the middle,” it was reported by The Local de, a website reporting German news in English.

That website didn’t report what, if anything, Dandy Diner’s owners plan to do to prevent similar situations in the future. But it’s a pretty good they will need to do something, or the city’s police are likely to initiate restrictions that no one will like.

Such is the price of success, it would appear!



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