McD Fined $56.5K For Ignoring Deaf Applicant


It’s been around since 1990, so there is no excuse for an employer not to be aware of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). McDonald’s was reminded of that recently when the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunities Commission – created under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – decreed McDonald’s Corp. and McDonald’s Restaurants would pay $56,500 to settle a discrimination suit after a Missouri restaurant manager refused to interview a deaf job applicant.

Hardly surprisingly, Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald’s chose not to comment to the media.

The EEOC says a young man who can’t hear or speak applied online in 2012 to work at the McDonald’s in Belton, Missouri. He had previous experience as a cook and cleanup team member at a McDonald’s restaurant in another state, The Associated Press reported.

A lawsuit filed by the EEOC says that when the restaurant manager learned the applicant needed a sign language interpreter for his interview, she canceled the interview, even though the applicant’s sister volunteered to interpret.

How weird is that? The guy had previously been hired by, and worked at, a McDonald’s, yet he was turned down at the one he applied to in Belton, Mo.

So now, with this settlement, if he continued to be unable to find suitable work – even without other possible discrimination suits he might file! – he’s getting a pretty hefty bit of ‘unemployment benefit’ from his former employer! ‘Way to go, kid!

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