Gregg’s, UK’s Biggest Baker, Drops Scones (Horrors!)


A fellow blogger has posted twice within the past ten days about having ‘tea outings’ – one at Harrod’s department store in London, the other at a spot in Brighton, on the English Channel. A highlight in both instances was scones, a long-time British favorite baked item.

Then I read today that Greggs, the UK’s biggest bakery chain, has stopped selling scones in its 1,700 shops because, according to company officials, they (scones – and undoubtedly those bosses) have become less popular.

A Daily Mirror story noted that “tasty fruit, cheese and bran scones have been a staple at the Greggs [stores] for decades.” Were. No longer are.

While it no doubt remains true that “there’ll always be an England,” there won’t, apparently, always be a scone-laden one!

Meanwhile, Greggs has announced it is trialing a delivery service, but with a minimum order of  £25 ($30.50), meaning you’d have to order the equivalent of 32 sausage rolls or at least pay for as many (or an equivalent in other goods) to get your order delivered.

‘Best of British luck on that one!



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