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FLASH: In A Year, My Two Blogs Reach 76 Countries

My two blogs – and – have, between them, found readers in no fewer than 76 countries in the year they’ve been published. (Macau made 75 yesterday; Botswana pushed the total to 76 today!) I think that’s pretty amazing, and I think there’s a reason they’re touching people in so many places.

It’s certainly not my ability to drive traffic, which I am really, really not good at: But I publish well-researched items from around the world I think will interest my target audiences.

Of course, all web sites say they do – or aim to do – that. And many do so to far greater audiences than mine. I’m envious – but forever hopeful that, as time goes by, each person who stumbles upon (or follows) one or the other or – (even better!) both – of my blogs, will advise someone else to do so, and that they will, in turn, advise someone else and . . .

My overall aim, on both blogs, is to report on things you’re unlikely to see reported on elsewhere – because I ‘go places’ you are unlikely to. I get into medical journals, private and public company documents, U.S. government reports, official and quasi-official reports from other governments, and more. (Reading Chinese, Vietnamese and other governments’ web site can, to say the least, be ‘enlightening’.)

Oh, and I follow (and actually read!) a very diverse assortment of blogs, too.

(I just posted a piece mentioning two blogs concerning school food choices. I dare venture to guess that few other 70-somethings (as I am) are even aware those or similar blogs exist – never mind being fans of them, as I am.)

I am, in short, everywhere my short fingers allow me to be, around the world, poking in here and there, coming up with . . . the otherwise unseen. I hope what I cover is close to ‘everywhere’ you want this offbeat reporter to be.