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Got Wings?


National Chicken Council

More than 110 million individuals in the U.S. are expected to tune in to next Sunday’s Super Bowl, a sports tradition that has, over the past half century, seen other-than-Bowl related activities creep to a crawl from coast to coast. One thing that is sure to speeding up, meanwhile, is viewers’ consumption of chicken wings.

The National Chicken Council (NCC) anticipates wing consumption will be up 6.5% from last year’s 1.3 billion wings to an astonishing 1.33 billion. That’s enough bone-bearing poultry pieces to stretch, if laid end to end, around the world nearly three times.

And collectively, they will weigh 166.25 million pounds – 32 times the weight of the NFL’s 32 football teams.

The National Chicken Council estimates that 75% of the wings consumed during the Super Bowl period – which actually kicks off with parties galore on the day before the event – will come from restaurants or foodservice outlets, bars and pizza places and 25% will be sourced from supermarkets and other food retailers. The latter’s wing sales spike during the week leading up to the game. With sales skewing toward households with three or more consumers.

Wherever you get them, says Tom Super, Senior Vice President of communication for the NCC, “that’s a lot of freaking wings!”